Experts Warn 6 US States Already Breached by Chinese-Backed Cybervillians

Experts Warn 6 US States Already Breached by Chinese-Backed Cybervillians

( – Cyberattacks are the newest warfare. A group of highly knowledgeable hackers can bring a country to its knees if it can get into certain government networks. A warning regarding such crimes comes from a cybersecurity company, citing vulnerabilities in the United States.

Mandiant, a cybersecurity firm, warns in a report released on March 8 that Chinese hacker groups have made state governments a target. Experts say these cybercriminals have already infiltrated systems in six states, but more are likely.

Mandiant names a group called APT41 as behind the threats. These hackers attacked state-level networks beginning in May 2021 and remained active through February 2022. The organization has been successful with service attacks and using malicious SQL code. It was able to exploit Log4Shell and ASP.NET-based applications.

While Mandiant was able to stop the criminals, the attacks left networks vulnerable. The company projects that the hacker group was able to infiltrate more than six states based on information it gathered. The company warns that these cybercriminals are highly adaptable, consistently changing their attacks as needed.

The cybersecurity firm says the goal of APT41 is unknown, but during the breaches, there was evidence of stolen data, which Mandiant says could be proof of espionage.

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