Experts Warn US Is Unprepared for Cyber Attacks

Experts Warn US Is Unprepared for Cyber Attacks

US Cybersecurity Is Weak – Experts WARN Of Potential Attacks!

( – The Washington Post’s Cybersecurity 202! reported warnings that the United States is unprepared to protect against an attack. Experts explained very little has advanced or improved regarding defense systems in this sector in the past five years, so US intelligence is falling behind. The biggest issue is that hackers are staying ahead of the attempts to thwart them.

With threats moving faster than the defense against them, the country can’t get ahead and put adequate protections in place. About 43% of experts say the United States is more vulnerable than in the past and getting worse with each passing day, and only 19% feel the country is less vulnerable than five years ago.

Additionally, the country is more reliant on technology than ever before, which has raised the stakes in this game of cyber cops and robbers. Use has gone up significantly in the past five years, and the bad guys have more options and greater access to the country’s vital systems than before.

Likewise, as companies introduce technology, they aren’t thinking enough about security. Anxious to recoup their research and development costs, many tech companies push products to the market without the proper safeguards.

The United States also has adversaries with more advanced skills. For example, Russia is especially good at hacking and often targets American people.

Lawmakers need to institute better privacy legislation, and companies need to put safety first when designing new products and technologies, if the United States is to prevent cyber attacks moving forward.

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