Facebook Is Suddenly Deleting Posts About Abortion Pills

Facebook Is Suddenly Deleting Posts About Abortion Pills

Facebook Is Suddenly DELETING These Posts in Mass

(FeaturedNews.com) – It didn’t take long after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade for the internet to light up with questionable offers for abortion drugs, complete with free shipping. Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, took immediate action, instantly deleting the posts from their platforms.

A Meta spokesperson told the Associated Press (AP) in an email that the company’s policy is to remove posts or ads that facilitate the unlawful sale of regulated medications. While they won’t remove posts offering general information about the drugs, they will remove anything suggesting the illicit sale or transfer of abortion drugs.

The AP ran an experiment of its own, using a reporter to post about sending the pills to a state that now prohibits abortion. Facebook removed the post within one minute. The reporter’s account was then immediately placed on restriction for violating community standards regulations on “guns, animals, and other regulated goods.”

Meta Spokesman Andy Stone tweeted the rules, letting everyone know that buying, selling, and trading prescription drugs have no place on the platform.

Some posts offering information about how and where to obtain the drugs that don’t violate community standards also came down, which Stone says the company is correcting.

Do you agree with Meta’s decision to allow some content to stay up while others come down, or should the marketing of pills that may be illegal in some places stop altogether?

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