Family Celebrates Largest Baby in Over a Decade

Photo by Fé Ngô on Unsplash

( – In Cambridge, Ontario, one family welcomed a baby boy who was almost twice the size of an average baby.

Chance Ayres, the father, told Fox News Digital that the experience was “dumbfounding” and “mind-blowing.” He said that all of the nurses and doctors around them were cheering and from the way everyone was celebrating you would have thought the “Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup.”

On Oct. 23, Chance and Britteney Ayres welcomed their fifth child Sonny Ayres to the world via Cesarean section at Cambridge Memorial Hospital. The baby was 55 centimeters long and reportedly weighed 14 pounds and eight ounces.

Chance Ayres stated that he had never expected the baby to be more than 14 and a half pounds. He added that people, including the nurses and doctors, were making bets about how big the baby would end up being, however, no one had expected Sonny to be quite that large.

The couple had previously welcomed two babies that were over 13 pounds.

As Chance Ayres stated, when the doctors put him on the scale, everyone went “wild.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics has noted that the average full-term baby was around seven pounds and two ounces, and seven pounds and six ounces. Even larger babies are usually only around nine pounds or more, but a baby over 14 pounds was a surprise to everyone.

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