Family Tragically Loses Long Lost Loved One

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( – An Arizona dog, Minion, who had been missing for more than a decade has passed away after reuniting with his family.

Skip Crandall told Fox News Digital that it has been great for them to have Minion back even if just for a short while. He added that despite the fact that they had missed a part of his life, he continued to be very special to them.

Minion who was 15 years old had died following complications from anesthesia after having a necessary dental procedure. Fox News Digital had originally reported on Minion’s story on Sept. 13 after he had been returned home from an animal control officer.

According to the report, Skip and Raleigh Crandall, along with their three children had adopted Minion twelve years before. At the time he was only three years old. As the Crandalls shared, Minion was a very curious pup and one day he had escaped through the backyard gate which had been left open.

The family stated that they put up signs, and searched for their dog everywhere including shelters but they had never been able to find him. As Skip Crandall noted, they had believed the chances of them ever seeing him again were slim and they just imagined that the worst had happened to him.

Twelve years later, the family received an unexpected call in September from a Maricopa County animal control officer about their dog Minion whose microchip had been scanned by Officer Allyssa Sanford. Sanford then facilitated the dog’s return. Minion reportedly immediately recognized his family and started wagging after seeing his family.

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