FBI Releases List of Cybercrimes in Hawaii

FBI Releases List of Cybercrimes in Hawaii

(FeaturedNews.com) – The FBI’s Internet Criminal Complaint Center (IC3) releases a list of complaints, by state, every year. While many people may believe Hawaii is an island paradise full of frolic and fun, its data on internet crimes in the region proves it’s a typical state with its fair share of online scams and fraud instead.

The report showed a nationwide increase in internet crime, with Americans feeling the sting to the tune of nearly $7 billion. The number of cases rose by 7% in 2021. The numbers showed a disturbing trend that altogether follows a national uptick in crime.

In Hawaii, internet criminals prospered, raking in nearly $20 million in bounty from a wide range of schemes, including romantic con schemes, virtual currency grabs, personal information theft, and more. Crimes involving non-payment or lack of delivery ranked at the top of the IC3’s list for Hawaii, with 235 reported cases.

Older Hawaiians suffered the most damage, with those over 60 accounting for more than half of the losses. People in their 50s still lost big, handing over $2 million to crooks. As Hawaiians get younger, they become less likely to be victims of internet crimes, with those under 25 accounting for slightly over $25,000 in losses.

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