FBI Sued After Being Accused of Stealing

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(FeaturedNews.com) – The FBI is facing a lawsuit after Jeni Pearsons and Don Mellein alleged that the FBI had lost their seized property. The two claim in their lawsuit that the government had used a “shady” process when seizing their property.

Institute for Justice attorney Joe Gay revealed to Fox News that before the FBI broke in and seized their property, the two Americans had kept their property in a box. However, after the break-in, the FBI said they are not entirely sure what happened to it and whether someone had stolen or lost it.

On Friday, the Institute for Justice, a nonprofit law firm, filed two separate lawsuits on behalf of the two who claim that their property was seized in March 2021 during an FBI raid on U.S. Private Vaults, a company based in Beverly Hills.

After prevailing in court, the FBI agreed that the property of the two Americans would be returned; however, upon its return, Pearsons and Mellein found some missing items. They claim this is because of the raid or someone in the FBI potentially pocketing their property.

Pearsons added that they have not received any explanation for the missing item and that, for some reason, they assume that this is a case of someone stealing or losing their items.

Retired civil servant Mellein had cash and 110 gold coins kept in his box, while Pearsons and her husband also stored around $2,000 in cash and $20,000 in silver in their safeguard box.

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