Federal Informant Found Dead

Federal Informant Found Dead

Federal Operative Found DEAD – Mystery Deepens!

(FeaturedNews.com) – An FBI informant who went missing in April 2021 turned up dead on a high school campus in Los Angeles. Valentin Broeksmit, 45, died of unknown causes in an unlikely and seemingly unrelated place. The cause of his death will remain a mystery until the medical examiner completes an autopsy.

Broeksmit was an unemployed musician who had issues with substance abuse when his world changed dramatically. Born into poverty in Ukraine, he found himself in America with his parents until their marriage failed. He ultimately ended up living in a foster home for some time thereafter. When his mother married up-and-coming banker Bill Broeksmit, everything changed. Then his step-father committed suicide, and everything was altered again.

Broeksmit came into possession of documents and emails from Deutsche Bank, where his step-father worked and others would refer to as President at the time, Donald Trump’s choice bank. These particular items were coveted by journalists and FBI agents alike. According to a piece in the New York Times, Broeksmit spent the next few years in a spinning cycle of drug abuse and whistleblowing, referring to himself as a “comically terrible spy.” During his time under the radar, he reportedly released information and stayed in touch with journalists.

His death was a surprise to those who spent time with him while he was trying to sort through notoriety and numerous personal issues. Investigative Journalist Scott Stedman, who managed to keep in touch with the elusive whistleblower, said his death was very sad. According to CBS News, he didn’t personally suspect foul play.

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