Federal Prisons Ordered Shut Down After Mysterious Deaths

Federal Prisons Ordered Shut Down After Mysterious Deaths

(FeaturedNews.com) – Prisons are known as dangerous places, and keeping everyone safe requires quick thinking by guards and administration. One current situation is so concerning that it impacted every federal prison in the US.

In the mid-morning hours of January 31 at Beaumont Medium Federal Prison in Texas, members of the well-known MS-13 gang got into an altercation. Guillermo Riojas, 54, and Andrew Pineda, 34, died as a result of the brawl. Another two unnamed men suffered injuries.

While the facility said there were no other victims, and the incident did not pose a threat to the public, the Federal Bureau of Prisons responded by instituting a nationwide lockdown right across the federal system.

The move by the Federal Bureau of Prisons is precautionary due to concerns over retaliation by gang members within the over 120 facilities. The system has recently struggled with multiple issues, including deaths, employee misconduct, escapes, and staffing shortages.

Even so, a complete lockdown doesn’t happen often. Recent examples involving lockdowns primarily relate to social or health concerns, such as the pandemic. Prisons first locked down for COVID-19, once again entering lockdown shortly after the January 6 incident at the Capitol. They also went into high-security mode just before the 2021 presidential inauguration.

During the lockdown, inmates will remain mainly in their cells. They cannot receive visitors and are not permitted to wander freely for most of the day. However, most facilities already had no visitation policies due to the pandemic.

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