Feds Are Now Planning To Ban What?

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(FeaturedNews.com) – The Federal Highway Administration in the United States has given states two years to remove all electronic messages that contained puns, humorous lines or other references from freeways and highways across the country. Last month an over 1,000 page manual that outlined the change in the rules was released. Within the manual are all the rules on the regulations of traffic control devices and signs.

Administration officials have noted that from 2025 all electronic signs with pop culture references, humorous messages, and obscure meanings are going to be banned as they can cause a distraction to drivers. They further pointed out that these messages can often be misunderstood.

The administration, which is under  the Department of Transportation, has argued that the signs need to be completely clear and direct and that they should only contain important warnings about the traffic and weather conditions that might affect drivers on the road. Seat Belt reminders and other warnings about the dangers of driving fast are also going to be included as possible additions to what the messages can inform drivers about.

Examples of the messages that will soon need to be taken off the roads, are the Massachusetts sign “Use Yah Blinkah,” the Ohio sign “Visiting in-laws? Slow down, get there late,” and the New Jersey sign “Hocus pocus, drive with focus.”

In Arizona specifically, there are over 300 signs above its highway. The Department of Transportation in the state has for the last seven years been holding competitions to find the most creative and funny messages.

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