Fertility Doctor Sued for Doing What?

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(FeaturedNews.com) – A woman in Connecticut and her mother are suing a fertility doctor in New Haven after he allegedly used his own sperm in the 1980s during insemination. 

Janine Pierson, who brought forward the lawsuit, had grown up as an only child and had always known that her parents had gone to a fertility doctor. However, as she argued from what they knew it had been her father’s sperm that had been used. 

In 2022 Pierson was interested in learning more about her heritage which is what prompted her to take a 23andme DNA test not realizing the impact that this would have on the rest of her life. As she shared the relatives tab had included 19 half-siblings at the time. 

She said that originally she had not believed that it was true and had thought that it was some issue with her phone, prompting her to restart it. However, the tab remained the same pointing out that the woman’s oldest sibling was 50 while the youngest one was 35. Since she originally took the test the number had gone up to 22. 

Janine Pierson pointed out that she questioned how many siblings she would end up having in the next decade or more. 

A week later, one of her sisters had ended up reaching out telling her that what she was about to hear was going to be “shocking.” Pierson noted that at the time there was nothing that could have prepared her for what was about to happen. 

While talking with her half-sister she discovered that her half-sibling’s mother had visited Dr. Burton Caldwell in the same fertility clinic. 

Pierson, 36, along with her mother have now filed a lawsuit against the doctor arguing that the doctor had informed her that the sperm they were using had come from a Yale medical student that had only very limited offspring. Pierson stated that her mother had trusted the doctor and that she had never consented to having the doctor’s child. 

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