Fiancé Rejects Bride’s Wedding Dress in Hilarious Way

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( – A bride-to-be has gone viral after sharing a video with her fiancé where he rejected her wedding dress choices right before their wedding. The video has received more than 1.1 million views on TikTok and it shows wedding photographer Nicole Tassielli and her fiancé, high school teacher David Mason, going through the different wedding dress options that Tassielli has picked out.

Throughout the video, Mason provides his ratings and commentary on all of these dresses by rating them out of ten. The first dress picked out is a lace strapless dress with a long train, which Mason appeared to immediately approve stating she looked “hot in that one.” That dress received an eight out of ten, which was quickly changed because his fiancée’s underwear was visible.

A different dress looked like “a popcorn ceiling,” while being “bland.” He also disliked the flowers going down the middle of the dress.

One viewer commented regarding Mason’s comments that “the male perception is wild.”

Tassielli told Newsweek that the two of them have been together for close to four years and that they had met while working on the ferry during college. As a wedding photographer, Tassielli is a fairly active member of “Bride Tok” and had seen videos where the fiancé ranked different wedding dresses before. This is what made her want to try it.

She added that she intentionally did not show him the actual dress she had selected just because she did not want to see if he would have a strong reaction. She noted that she was sure he would love whatever she selected and that he had grown used to her style.



“it looks like a POPCORN CEILING” 😂😭 Stole this idea from @kristenraasch – thank you for the laughs! #weddingdresses #2023bride

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