Flag Flown Over High School Sparks Outrage

Photo by Taylor Flowe on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – In Oakland, California, there has been a lot of criticism after the public high school started flying a Palestinian flag outside the building. The photo was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, by freelance journalist Zack Harber.

The photo shows the flag on the Fremont High School flagpole. The school belongs to the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD).

It is not yet clear who opted to have the flag displayed or how long it was raised in the poll. However, many users on X slammed the display of the flag at a time when the escalations in the Israel-Hamas war were growing. Universities and schools across the country have become sites of increased tension following the Hamas surprise attacks against Israel on October 7.

On Thursday, Libs of TikTok, a conservative account, re-shared the photo on X and stated that it was responded that the flag was raised outside a high school in California where the American flag had been replaced with a Palestinian flag.

The Heritage Foundation responded to the reshared image stating that this was “Your daily dose of Leftist insanity.”

Many other X users also stated that it was concerning to have the American flag raised in place of the American one outside the school.

As per California law, the United States and State of California flags are required to be displayed in every school in the state. This was also pointed out by California-based attorney Laura Powell in a post on X.

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