Florida Woman – Dances To Get Out of a Ticket

Credit: Pinellas County Sherrif's Office

Woman Dances Into DUI Charges – The Jig Is Up!

Amy Harrington, 38, was only a mile away from her home before she rear-ended another vehicle. The Florida woman can be seen in a video performing an Irish Folk dance as she tries to evade arrest and prove that she is sober to the police.

When the Pinellas County deputies arrived at the scene on April 27, Harrington’s eyes appeared to be bloodshot – a telltale sign of someone who is under the influence. This was really all-but confirmed when she tried to walk in a straight line along the parking meter, but failed to do so. It was then where she started dancing in an attempt to prove her sobriety.

After Harrington noted the similarities between the instructions given by the cops and her ballet instructor, she proceeded to dance a mix of ballet and Irish folk. In the report, the police noted the disorientation of the woman, noting that she refused any further sobriety tests as well. This is the second time she has refused to take a test, with the first occasion taking place in 2019. While unclear what the 2019 charge ended up being, this time around, it was fairly clear that a DUI was in order.

It appears Harrington’s dancing did not save her from the consequences of her actions.

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