Forklift Operator Stops Crime in Progress

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

( – In Ohio, a man suspected of trying to steal a vehicle from a wrecking yard was reportedly sitting only “20 feet off the ground” before police arrived at the scene to arrest him.

Akron police bodycam footage shows that the SUV was still in the air before being slowly brought down. One of the officers asked the man in the car for his name, however, the suspect, who was in handcuffs by then, stated that this was “none of your business.”

The police officers also informed the suspect that he was under arrest to which he asked why and proceeded to explain that he had been running from someone else. The officer then moved to talk to one of the business’s employees.

WOIO, a local TV station, has identified the business to be Arlington Auto Wrecking. Police also spoke with the man who had driven the loader in order to hold the suspect in place and stop him from driving. The employee was also the one to make the call to 911 where he stated that the suspect was still in the air and was on the loader sitting at around 20 feet in the air.

After hearing this, the 911 operator started laughing saying that this was the best thing he had heard.

In an interview on WOIO, the employee revealed that this was the third incident with Alexander Funk, 26, who was the suspect in the case. However, it was noted that this was the first time that the man had been caught.

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