Former CNN Anchor Arrested for Alleged Hit-and-Run

Former CNN Anchor Arrested for Alleged Hit-and-Run

CNN Star ARRESTED – Shocking Crime Reported!

( – Former CNN anchor Felicia Taylor is in trouble with the law. The Palm Beach Police Department said that on July 28, the suspect slammed her Mercedes into the back of a black Ford stopped on a roadway. Officials allege she left the scene after the accident but returned at least twice before eventually landing herself in their custody.

An officer not responding to the crash stopped Taylor after noticing her vehicle’s heavily damaged front end. He returned her to the accident site, where she received medical care, and the police arrested her.

The former CNN anchor claimed she thought the incident was nothing to worry about since her car sustained the damage. She did not speak with the other driver, who complained to police on the scene of pain in his back, head, neck, and jaw.

Taylor told officers she was coming from The Colony Hotel, which is closed. She then claimed to have been at restaurants on Worth Avenue and in the Royal Poinciana Plaza, but officials could not corroborate those stories.

The authorities took possession of her Mercedes and noted an open bottle of wine and a thermos containing alcohol behind the passenger seat. Police said they did not notice a smell indicating Taylor might be under the influence at the time of her arrest.

Despite admitting she hit the other vehicle, the former CNN employee denies leaving the scene of an accident and careless driving charges against her. The sheriff’s office released her on a $3,000 bond.

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