Former “Detective of the Year” Charged After Pursuing Underage Girl


“Detective of the Year” Exposed as a Creep

( – Santa Ana Detective Gregory Beaumarchais allegedly thought he was engaging in sexually explicit conversations with a 14-year-old girl via social media. But he was really talking with an adult posing as a child, who reported his actions to authorities. The officer will go to court on October 13. He faces a charge of molesting or annoying a victim believed to be under the age of 18 and could serve up to one year in jail if a jury finds him guilty.

Investigators from the US Department of Homeland Security worked the case alongside the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. They were able to uncover Beaumarchais’s activity quickly after the civilian reported it.

The officer, who won the Detective of the Year honor in 2019, allegedly sent the inappropriate messages in December 2021 and January 2022. At first, Beaumarchais used his real name, but the social media platform cut off the account, so he made another one with a new handle. Investigators discovered Beaumarchais often conducted his communications with the teen while he was at work.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer called the incident “beyond disturbing,” noting the police are supposed to be people kids can trust. Situations like this erode one the ability of law enforcement to be stewards of the community.

Officials issued a warrant for the detective’s arrest, but Beaumarchais turned himself in voluntarily, and a judge released him on a recognizance bond. Beaumarchais is also on administrative leave as he awaits his next court date.

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