France Now Launching Digital ID Just Days After Macron Won Election

France Now Launching Digital ID Just Days After Macron Won Election

Look Who’s Requiring DIGITAL IDs – One Step Closer To Tyranny?

( – French President Emmanuel Macron issued an order for his country to comply with a European Union standard long opposed by conservative groups. French citizens will now have access to a digital ID they can use on their smart devices. The move comes just days after Macron secured another five-year term in an election victory over Marine Le Pen.

The issue of national digital identification is a hot topic in France, with Conservatives from Le Pen’s National Front Party opposing the measure as authoritarian. The IDs are part of the EU Commission’s digital identity package, which is a way for citizens of the union to access their private information for transactional security. The full package, typical in EU countries, includes biometric IDs such as fingerprints.

While Macron’s ordered participation stops short of including biometrics and participation is voluntary, some French citizens are uneasy about the road their government is now traveling and are speaking out about their concerns.

According to Express, people across France are worried about the direction the ID rule takes their country. They are also concerned with the timing, as Macron’s victory is still a recent memory. With another five years in front of him, citizens may wonder if the now-voluntary system will become mandatory in the future.

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