FTC Is Focusing on Online Data Privacy for Children

FTC Is Focusing on Online Data Privacy for Children

Feds About To Unveil A New INTERNET RULE For Children

(FeaturedNews.com) – Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chair Lina Khan says the agency is dedicated to protecting children’s privacy in an ever-expanding online world. Khan said kids’ privacy is “enormously important” during a recent Zoom interview with the Associated Press (AP). She also stressed that the commission seeks to protect them from internet data abuse.

Khan, 33, is the youngest head of the FTC in its history. An independent agency with 1,200 employees and 5 commissioner’s seats, the commission’s focus includes enhancing competition, consumer protection, and data privacy. Khan told the AP that as far as she is concerned, data privacy for children is its number one priority.

The FTC has cracked down on several entities that violated child privacy statutes, including a case against WW International or Weight Watchers. The company illegally obtained information on children under 13-years-old. The FTC required Weight Watchers to delete all the information and pay a $1.5 million fine.

Khan also says the agency is adamant about targeting education-based apps requiring parents to surrender their children’s right to privacy, an action that violates federal law. She also noted that the FTC received complaints from parents suddenly forced to make that choice when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and forced schools to close.

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