GA Teacher Suspended for Restraining a Student With a Gun

GA Teacher Suspended for Restraining a Student With a Gun

( – Gun violence in schools is an increasing concern. Teachers play a significant role in preventing firearms and shootings. But for one educator in Georgia, doing his best to keep the school safe ended in his suspension.

Kenneth Miller, a coach at Tri-Cities High School, is on paid administrative leave for restraining a student during a search of the school for guns. He said he didn’t do anything wrong and followed Fulton County School Board policies when interacting with the student. Miller sees the situation as self-defense.

The coach assisted with a sweep for guns on campus on August 20, 2021. During the search, a female student, unknowingly in possession of a firearm, became combative when officers questioned her. She hit Miller with a stapler, and he restrained her until officers took her into custody. Body cameras caught the whole incident.

The district initially fired Miller but changed that to a suspension. In a statement, administrators said he needlessly intervened in a matter that administration and police were already handling. He acted outside of his authority and escalated the situation due to his actions.

The attorney representing Miller said the school put him in a dangerous position and needs to back him up. He explained teachers need to be able to step in and act as the first line of defense when it comes to student safety, but the school isn’t acting in a way that supports his view. Should he have been suspended, or did the school district go too far?

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