Gang Leader Who Served as Welfare Rights Officer Guilty of Abusing Children

Gang Leader Who Served as Welfare Rights Officer Guilty of Abusing Children

“Government Leader” Was Secretly Abusing Little Girls

( – A Pakistani man recently convicted of raping a child roughly 30 times and preying on others managed to land a position with a local government council that put other children at significant risk during the same time frame he committed those crimes. Shabir Ahmed, who is currently spending 22 years in prison for his crimes, served as a welfare officer who frequented a Pakistani Muslim community center in Northern England, a new report shows.

Ahmed was the leader of the infamous Muslim child rape gang from Rochdale. His crimes included the rape of a young Asian girl over a decade and preying on countless others. The revelation that he worked for a local government and was dispatched to a community center where he had access to children is a terrifying prospect. Unfortunately, the oversight may have been avoided had local authorities done their due diligence.

According to the report, police had information linking Ahmed to the crimes underlying his conviction but failed to notify the Oldham Council. The council, in turn, failed to properly tend to the needs of some children, which may have worsened their situation. Had the panel known Ahmed was a monster, they may have avoided the further abuse of the kids. However, investigators also found no willful coverup by members.

The Rochdale gang Ahmed led terrorized the area, targeting caucasian girls in particular. Ultimately, the Greater Manchester Police took responsibility for the failings in the report, admitting they should have done more. Understandably, the city still reels from the aftermath of the crimes.

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