Gen Z and Millennials Like Controversial Republican Governor

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( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott has recently grown in popularity among Generation Z and millennials according to a recent statewide poll. 

Abbott has been placing a lot of his attention on securing his state’s southern border, which is a key part of securing the country’s border with Mexico. This is an issue that many conservatives have been concerned with because of the record number of migrant encounters over the last three years. 

Abbott and the federal government have been in the middle of the feud which resulted in the Supreme Court ruling that federal officers had the right to remove the razor wire that had been installed by Texas officials. From December to January, the numbers had decreased by half in Texas. 

Abbott, who is as popular as former President Donald Trump in his state, announced on Sunday that he would be constructing an 80-acre military base camp that would work as a deterrent against illegal immigration. He added that the camp would be extending along the Rio Grande and that it would be the home of around 1,800 soldiers. 

University of Texas, Texas Politics Project found that around 24 percent of Gen Z, those aged from 18 to 29, “strongly approve” of the construction. Thirty-five percent of Gen Z stated that they “somewhat” approved while 15 percent stated that they were neutral on the issue. Finally, only 20 percent had claimed to “strongly disapprove” of Abbott’s work. 

Among millennials, aged between 30 and 44, 17 percent strongly approve, 31 percent somewhat approve, 15 percent are neutral and 27 percent strongly disapprove of Abbott. 

This marks a big shift in how Abbott was perceived last year, when among Gen Z there was a disapproval margin of 44 to 35 percent. 

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