Georgia High School Football Team Makes Incredible Play

Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

Georgia High School Football Team Makes Incredible Play

On Friday, Loganville High Schools was brought into the headline as they were in their fourth overtime of the season opener and the ball was at the 15-yard line. The remarkable incident that followed was caught on camera and shared across the world. High School student Connor O’Neill passed the ball over his head, without looking towards the backfield. This impossible shot could have gone so wrong as O’Neill had his focus on the other players running towards him rather than on where he was throwing the ball. The impeccable throw did not just make the crowd go wild, but it ultimately brought O’Neill to reach relative stardom as his pass led to the ball reaching the receiver, Josh Rudder. It was Rudder who caught the ball past the goal line, helping Loganville pull slightly ahead.

Still, despite this incredible shot, the referee called the touchdown back. The ball was then placed on the one-yard line and it was from this position that Loganville managed to win the game by scoring another goal.

Loganville managed goal line game against Monroe Area, and it was this moment that quickly made its win go viral. The moment was shared by Loganville assistant coach Willie Oglesby who twitted the video from the crazy game.


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