German Airline Faces Backlash After Removing Jewish Passengers From Plane

German Airline Faces Backlash After Removing Jewish Passengers From Plane

German Airline Supervisor Removes 100 Jews From Flight And Then Says This

( – German airline Lufthansa is under fire for reportedly discriminating against Jewish passengers. The incident involved a small group of Hasidic Jews who refused to wear masks and escalated into something the company now struggles to explain. Airline officials in Frankfurt refused continued passage to around 100 people on a connecting flight based solely on their failure to adhere to the mandate.

A company supervisor managed to get herself on video, explaining to a customer that since the Jewish people made the initial mistake, they would have to pay the price, but only on that flight.

Lufthansa released a statement apologizing to the group of people without specifically indicating that the victims were Jewish. The release included strong wording about discrimination and antisemitism. The group in question, many of whom were strangers, had nothing in common other than their religion. The Anti-Defamation League came out strongly against the statement, calling it weak and claiming it doesn’t nearly address what was, to them, an abhorrent event.

The Daily Wire ran an article describing the backlash on social media from influential Jewish community members. Perhaps the most startling statement came from, reminding the company that its founder, Kurt Weigelt, was a Nazi, and demanding the company fire all of the employees involved.

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