Ghislaine Maxwell Refuses to Cut Deal with Prosecutors

( – Taking responsibility for her actions and identifying other individuals that were involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme could help Ghislaine Maxwell obtain a lighter sentence, but her brother Ian Maxwell believes she is unlikely to cut this deal.

Ghislaine Maxwell May Have Option to Reduce Sentence

Following Ghislaine Maxwell’s recent conviction, the former partner of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein faces up to 65 years in prison for her role in luring and trafficking young girls for Epstein. However, Maxwell may have the opportunity to reduce her sentence by providing more insights into the details of what went on during Epstein’s scheme. Specifically, naming individuals that were involved and describing their roles may provide Maxwell with a path for obtaining a lighter sentence. This deal would essentially require Maxwell to admit and take responsibility for her actions by revealing how they fit into the bigger picture, which would mean that she could no longer claim to be not guilty.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Brother Believes Deal Is Unlikely

However, those close to Maxwell believe this is unlikely to happen. While seeking a deal for a reduced sentence would likely be the best decision for Ghislaine Maxwell in light of the evidence that has been presented against her, her siblings and other family members have defended her innocence throughout the proceedings. Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother, Ian Maxwell, has revealed that she is likely to appeal her conviction, rather than attempt to use admitting guilt to her advantage.

Ian Maxwell told The Sunday Times that, “prosecution confirmed no plea bargain offers were made or received…I expect that position to be maintained,” when asked about his thoughts regarding the trial and what his sister’s next move might be.

Ian Maxwell’s comments reveal that Ghislaine Maxwell will likely continue to maintain her innocent stance, which aligns with the beliefs of much of her family.

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