Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly “Not Even Close” to a New Trial

Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly

( – Ghislaine Maxwell, the former partner of disgraced sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, had her day in court, where a jury found her guilty of sex trafficking charges. Unhappy with revelations that one of the jurors had failed to disclose past sexual abuse, she requested a new trial. Recent updates indicate there’s little hope she’ll get one.

Prosecutors stated in a court filing that they believe Maxwell had a fair trial because the juror made a genuine mistake in not disclosing his abuse history. They went on to say that past sexual abuse was not an automatic disqualification as eight other jurors had similar histories and remained in the pool.

Maxwell was banking on her accusations that the juror lied deliberately and was biased when making his decisions as part of the jury. She asked the court to overturn her conviction. Her attorneys claimed the man, Scotty David, did not correctly answer his juror questionnaire, covering up information that might have made him lose his seat on the panel.

When speaking to the court, David admitted he made a mistake. He said he rushed through the questionnaire and failed to read the document carefully. Still, he maintained his past did not stop him from being fair in his deliberations.

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