Ghislaine Maxwell’s Brother Said Prince Andrew Settled To Help His Mother

Ghislaine Maxwell's Brother Said Prince Andrew Settled To Help His Mother

( – In a YouTube video, Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother Ian Maxwell told journalist Jay Beecher that Prince Andrew only settled his lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre for the Queen. He said the sexual abuse allegations and the public attention hurt his mother. For the Queen’s mental well-being, the prince decided to end it as quickly as possible.

Maxwell claimed the Queen’s upcoming jubilee weighed heavily into the final deal. He said the prince didn’t want to cause his mother further embarrassment at this special time, claiming he had no other option.

At the same time, he declared coming to an agreement was probably best for Giuffre as well. He claimed she could never produce an important piece of evidence, the original of a particular picture, which no doubt would have played heavily into the lawsuit if it went to court. He said settling probably was the easiest option.

He also noted that he feels the payout, which went to Giuffre’s non-profit organization, was odd. He stated such a large payment to an organization is “unusual.” He concluded that any details about the situation or what actually happened are now swept under the rug, so the public will likely never know the truth.

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