‘Glizzy Straw’ Has People Losing Their Minds


This New Invention Is ALL the Craze!

Fans at a Major League Baseball game were witness to one of the funniest videos to come out recently. The viral clip in question shows a person turning a hot dog into a functioning straw for their beer.

Notably, the man in question did not use the bun, which we assume would turn soggy after coming in contact with the beer or any other alcoholic beverage for that matter. Instead, he used the meat part exclusively to create this interesting straw.

The clip was posted online by @newyorknico, who has frequently posted videos of all of the new and inventive ways in which hot dogs can be used. While the clip doesn’t go through the logistics of exactly how this, almost magic trick, happens, it does show the actual results.

Unsurprisingly, the video has people debating left and right. In an interview with MEL magazine, the man in the clip, also known as comedian Kareem Rahma said that he didn’t do it “for the ‘gram.” We are inclined to believe him as who could come up with this just to post a video?

Still, the impromptu moment has led to many going on further straw-based adventures and some have even tried recreating this hot dog straw ensemble that can become the perfect straw for alcoholic drinks.

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