Good Samaritan Wins Incredible Reward

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( – In White Lake Township, Michigan, Dianne Gordon found a bag filled with money at a gas station. Gordon immediately took the bag and handed it over to the police with the $15,000 that was inside the bag.

The police had informed her that the money had belonged to a newlywed couple. Only days after Gordon completed her good deed, she needed to set up a GoFundMe account in an effort to raise the $27,000 that she would need in order to get a replacement vehicle.

White Lake police have been the first to support Dianne Gordon, by urging other members of the community to join the efforts and help Gordon get the new vehicle she requires. In the fundraiser, Gordon is described as a prime example of “integrity and selflessness even in her own time of need.”

Gordon had told the police that she had initially seen the bag after walking home from her job on January 21. Gordon works at a grocery store according to the information on the fundraiser.

The information about her needing a new vehicle came out when she told Detroit-based television news station WJBK that she had to walk a 2.7-mile trek to get to her work five days a week ever since her vehicle broke down. Her vehicle had broken down approximately a year before the incident with the bag.

Gordon admitted that the money would have been life-changing for her, but that she had not even considered the possibility of not handing it in. The GoFundMe for Gordon was created by the wife of one of White Lake’s police officers with an initial goal of $25,000. As of Thursday evening, that goal has been exceeded with the amount raised being closer to $28,000.

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