Good Samaritans Save the Day After Finding Packages

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With the holidays approaching, a couple jumped into Santa’s shoes and delivered some packages that they found discarded on the side of a road.

Zachary Arnwine, a 24-year-old steelworker at Cleveland-Cliffs, and his fiancée Tristen Raisch, a 20-year-old stay-at-home mom, were heading to their home in Franklin, Ohio, on Nov. 25 when they saw a FedEx driver who “looked like he was throwing trash.”

As soon as they turned around, they saw that the man was already gone, and in his place were around five to seven packages that had been simply left there. As soon as they saw them, they picked them up and started calling the numbers on the parcels.

For the following two hours, they drove around, calling recipients and delivering the parcels that the people were expecting. Arwine noted that most people were completely surprised to see their packages delivered in this way.

Arnwine and Raisch, who are expecting a daughter in January, said that they did not want to let these parcels get lost especially with the holidays being so close. They added that they did not put much thought into it; they simply took action and did it immediately.

Royce Charbeneau told WKRC that he was one of the recipients of the packages that Arnwine and Raisch delivered. He reportedly told the outlet that originally, he had not believed Arnwine, but he eventually collected the parcel. He then called FedEx for further explanations. They maintained that both parcels had been delivered, but Arnwine had only found one.

FedEx in a statement to USA TODAY has said that the driver has been reported and that the company is committed to ensuring customers get the packages they are expecting.

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