GOP Candidate Exposed as Anti-Wall, Amnesty Sympathizer

GOP Candidate Exposed as Anti-Wall, Amnesty Sympathizer

( – Former US Representative Matt Salmon (R-AZ) has a long history of supporting Leftist ideals on important immigration issues. Salmon, now running for governor of Arizona, seems to forget his soft stance on immigration and dismissal of former President Donald Trump’s border wall initiatives. His opponent, a Trump-endorsed Conservative, isn’t going to let him live it down.

National File reported Kari Lake, who faces off against Salmon in the GOP primary, runs on Arizona’s America First platform, which calls for the construction of a border wall, regardless of the actions or inactions of the federal government. The idea mirrors a similar initiative in Texas using abandoned Trump-era supplies and state labor to construct new sections of the wall which the Biden administration decided were no longer critical.

While Salmon now claims to support the wall, in the past he called the venture expensive and sought alternatives that included not building one at all. Considering he also advocated for amnesty while in Congress, it’s not surprising that he may have wanted to leave Arizona’s border wide open. Salmon opposed Trump on DACA, joining Democrats to hand citizenship to millions of people who came to the US illegally.

The former congressman and current gubernatorial hopeful will have to explain to Republican voters in Arizona why his apparent soft stance on issues they find essential has changed so drastically and whether or not they believe him at all. Do you think he’s really had a change of heart?

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