GOP Gets Under Hunter Biden’s Skin

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( – Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, recently expressed his concerns about how the Republican leadership is handling the investigation into his family’s financial activities. In a conversation with Axios, he suggested that the GOP is manipulating his father’s affection for him, portraying it as a sign of unethical involvement. According to Hunter, this strategy is twisting President Biden’s qualities of compassion, empathy, and sincerity into alleged signs of wrongdoing.

He further commented on the intense focus on him by supporters of former President Trump, hinting at a political agenda behind this scrutiny. His appearance at the Capitol on Wednesday was notable, as he chose to make a public statement rather than attend a private deposition. This decision was in response to a subpoena from House Republicans, who are probing into the president’s potential conflicts of interest, particularly regarding Hunter’s foreign business ventures.

Hunter Biden’s decision to avoid a private deposition has fueled the Republicans’ argument for impeaching President Biden. The House of Representatives, with a majority vote, has formally initiated this inquiry. Hunter reiterated his stance that his business activities were not financially linked to his father and dismissed the GOP’s allegations about the former vice president’s conduct in Ukraine as attempts to discredit his family.

In his Axios interview, Hunter Biden emphasized his commitment to maintaining sobriety and defending his father’s reputation. He stressed that his past mistakes should not reflect on his father’s character. Sources close to Hunter’s team believe that addressing these attacks could actually enhance President Biden’s public image.

The leading Republicans in this investigation, House Oversight Chair James Comer and House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan, have announced plans to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress due to his non-compliance with the deposition request.

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