Government Exposes Five Chinese Firms for Aiding Russian Military

Government Exposes 5 Chinese Firms for Aiding Russian Military

US Government EXPOSES Chinese-Russia Secret!

( – On June 28, the US Department of Commerce announced that the Biden administration would add five Chinese companies to a trade blacklist. The businesses reportedly have been providing military and defense support to Russia. The Commerce Department said they provided supplies before the conflict in Ukraine and continue to do so.

In addition to the five new additions, the department put 36 other companies on the list, including 25 with operations in China. Blacklisting companies not only prevents them from trading with US-based entities but also lets others know the US will not do business with anyone supporting Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine.

The Washington Chinese embassy claimed no military assistance for Russia is coming from China and vowed to protect Chinese companies. The embassy also said the blacklisting violated international law.

Similarly, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, would not confirm or deny the accusations. He did restate that China does not support sanctions placed on Russia by the United States and believes regular trade between China and Russia is not the business of a third party.

The White House has increased oversight of Chinese companies in recent weeks despite previously saying the country was in compliance with the restrictions concerning Russia.

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