Governor Signs Veto of Law Protecting the Unvaccinated

Governor Signs Veto of Law Protecting the Unvaccinated

( – On March 28, Idaho Governor Brad Little (R) vetoed a bill to protect unvaccinated individuals from company policies requiring inoculation. Little explained Senate Bill 1381 represents government overreach. He has maintained a strong stance against intrusive government policies, and the veto falls in line with those standards.

The governor explained the legislation was telling private business owners how to run their companies, and he could not stand by that type of government interference. He noted that he supports personal freedoms. He never put his state on lockdown or issued mandates during the pandemic. In addition, he banned vaccine passports. But those decisions were also part of his desire to advocate for limited government.

Little asserted he believes each business should have the right to make its own decisions about management and operations, including employee policies. He pointed to his legal actions against President Joe Biden. There were three lawsuits to stop government overreach for citizens and businesses and stop vaccine mandates. The veto decision follows this consistent approach.

SB 1381 could still become law because it would only take a slight margin to override the veto. If that happens, the bill will prohibit employers from requiring employee vaccinations and impose a fine of up to $1,000 for each violation.

There is no news on what the legislature plans to do. Considering the push by conservatives to avoid government overreach, does the governor’s decision seem fair?

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