Graveyard of Dead Electric Cars Found in Major U.S. City

Photo by Joy Real on Unsplash

( – As the Midwest had to deal with freezing temperatures, many Tesla owners in the Chicago area have been unable to charge their cars.

Fox Chicago in their report noted that charging stations had become car graveyards due to the low temperatures which are blocking the drivers from charging their cars.

Tyler Beard, a Tesla owner who was attempting to charge his car at an Illinois Tesla supercharging station, stated that the car was still at three percent despite him being out there for three hours both on that day and the previous one.

Beard is not the only Tesla owner to have noted that they have problems with changing their cars as there are long lines and abandoned cars in many of the Tesla charging stations in Chicago.

Chalis Mizelle, another Tesla owner, noted that this situation was crazy and disastrous. Mizelle noted that after she was unable to charge her car she ended up getting a ride from a friend of hers.

Kevin Sumrak stated that after arriving at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Sunday night he had found his Tesla dead and had been unable to start it. He added that he had to get a flatbed tow truck to get the vehicle to a working charging station.

According to one expert, the cold weather could have an effect on whether or not electric vehicles were able to properly charge.

Chicago Auto Trade Association Mark Bilek noted that this is “not plug and go” and that the battery needs to be preconditioned in order to accept the fast charge.

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