Great-Great-Great-Grandma Gets Incredible Gift

Photo by Josue Michel on Unsplash

( – Cordelia May Hawkins, 98, recently met her great-great-great-granddaughter, a 7-week-old baby girl named Zhavia, and the picture from the meeting went viral.

Gracie Howell, 59, who is the baby’s great-grandmother, told USA TODAY that between then there are almost 100 years so it is impressive to have them in the same years. Howell added that she is grateful that so many generations are still alive. If the family continues like that, they will be close to the record of the most living generations in one family, which according to the Guinness World Records is currently seven.

Howell stated that what is particularly noteworthy is not just the physical similarities that they share, but that each of them had their first child around the same age. The five women who traveled from Ohio, South Carolina, and Kentucky to take the photo are Cordelia Mae Hawkins, 98, Frances Snow, 77, Gracie Howell, 59, Jacqueline Ledford, 40, Jaisline Wilson, 19, Zhavia Whitaker, 7 weeks.

Howell added that the women in the picture were the ones who were keeping the tradition going and that there was nothing better than meeting up with family and loved ones. She recalled that often times before the internet, there was simply nothing else one could do but visit and play with their cousins all day.

She explained how nice it was to have family meals with their extended family and how now it has become much easier for people to get lost in their own lives. She added that time goes by so fast, and people needed to understand the importance of family. As she stated, even within their own family there were people who did not talk to their parents or children, and that family dynamics can be complex.

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