Green Day Singer Plans To Renounce His US Citizenship

Green Day Singer Plans To Renounce His US Citizenship

American Icon RENOUNCING His US Citizenship!

( – The US Supreme Court’s decision on abortion rights brought out many protestors. One of them was Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day. During a June 24 concert in London, England, the punk rock performer announced he was giving up his US citizenship due to the Court’s ruling.

He told the crowd he was going to move to London and referred to the United States as a miserable country. Armstrong also promised the Brits would be seeing a lot of him in the future.

The Green Day singer continued his tirade against America, calling the justices derogatory names. He spoke out against the Supreme Court before playing “American Idiot,” which the band claims was an angry response to a lack of representation on the national stage.

This situation isn’t Armstrong’s first foray into politics. He went after Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) during an earlier June concert. He wrote an album criticizing former President George W. Bush over the war in Iraq. He also claimed former President Donald Trump took half the US as hostages during his presidency.

The band’s frontman was an avid supporter of President Joe Biden. He also allegedly filed to be on the ballot as a presidential candidate for 2024.

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