Groundskeeper Shockingly Ignores Dead Body On The Lawn

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

( – Authorities found 34-year-old Robert Owens with his face down half naked in an abandoned house next to a China Grove, North Carolina. The victim’s family had reportedly seen him for the last time on Oct. 1.

Owens’ family has since revealed that the groundskeeper at the property had mowed around their loved one’s body as he had believed that it was a Halloween prop. As they pointed out in the GoFundMe page they created for his funeral expenses, the man’s death was “suspicious” and they still have various questions that they would hopefully get the answers to soon. They added that they would want to see justice served to all those involved in the case.

In the page’s description, Haley Reavis noted that the man had been left in only his socks and underwear while all his clothing and belongings had been stolen. The body was found on Oct. 9 by a housekeeper who had originally believed it to be a Halloween decoration or a K9 training mannequin. This resulted in the body not being reported to authorities.

Reavis then questioned who would mow the yard at a house with the power on that has not had anyone inhabiting it for a while. She then pointed out that the property had been used for K9 training and could assume that this body would be used for Halloween décor.

China Grove Police Chief Andrew Deal noted in an email that the groundskeeper had not believed the body to be a Halloween prop but that he had also not believed it to be a real body.

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