Guitar Playing Baby Leaves People Shocked

Photo by Simon Weisser on Unsplash

A new TikTok video of a little baby playing the guitar has left everyone shocked. The video on TikTok clearly shows the baby plucking one string on the guitar while perfectly placing their hand on the fretboard.

While this might seem unimpressive if you are used to crazy guitar riffs, it is important to remember that most babies would completely lack the coordination necessary in order to even play the guitar at all.

The baby though is not only interested in playing the guitar, but also apparently tuning it. After playing the string a few times, it begins to turn the tuning peg. Many people online have been taking this video as clear evidence of reincarnation as the baby certainly looks like they have done this hundreds of times before. Some have said things like “this is why I’m 99% sure reincarnation is real,” or “remembering past life talents!”

Others have called the video for being one of those things in life that remain unexplainable.

While this is the conclusion that some commenters have reached, others believe that the baby is simply mimicking what it has seen its parents do hundreds of times before. Regardless, the effect remains equally impressive to the viewer.


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