Gunman Opened Fire on Service Workers

Gunman Opened Fire on Federal Agency Workers

Gunman OPENS FIRE On Service Workers – Why?

( – A Pittsburgh man is in serious trouble after firing at environmental services workers in broad daylight. Henry Rainey, 37, faces aggravated assault, reckless endangering, and criminal mischief charges for the incident. While nobody was hurt, one refuse truck sustained disabling injuries from the gunfire.

Rainey reportedly came out of a house on Fairywood Street and exchanged words with the trash collectors. Then he allegedly began firing at the workers, who hid behind their truck for safety. The gunman proceeded to hop into his vehicle and fled the scene. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t cover his tracks very well and law enforcement officials arrested him on Tuesday, May 31.

Police found the place where Rainey originally emerged, obtained a warrant, and found everything they needed to tie him to the crime, including his full identity and vehicle registration. On top of that, there may be Ring doorbell camera footage of the event as it unfolded. Sergeant William Watts of the Pittsburgh Police Zone 6 told Action News 4 the investigators tracked the suspected shooter down using the city’s fugitive recovery squad.

It’s unclear what Rainey may have been arguing about that could elicit such an extreme response, but he apparently calmed down in the face of armed officers. Watt said he offered no resistance and complied completely when he knew he was caught.

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