Harris Accused of Lying About Afghanistan Withdrawal

(FeaturedNews.com) – During a recent interview with Face the Nation, Kamala Harris’s description of why Joe Biden made the choices he did when withdrawing troops from Afghanistan did not quite align with reality.

Kamala Harris Claimed Afghan Government Was Not Involved

Amidst harsh criticism from both parties surrounding the chaotic process Joe Biden chose for removing U.S. troops from Afghanistan, Kamala Harris attempted to save face by placing the blame on Donald Trump. Harris falsely told Face the Nation that Biden’s strategy was simply honoring an agreement that Trump and the Taliban had settled on with no input from the Afghan government regarding options for handling the situation that would best benefit both the military and civilians of the United States and Afghanistan. In reality, although Trump did include negotiations with the Taliban in his extensive consideration of the most strategic option, he also had many talks with the legitimate Afghan government in 2020.

Donald Trump Agreed to Remove Troops from Afghanistan

Trump did agree to remove all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by May 1, 2021, had he been elected for a second term, but only after extensive deliberation with both the Taliban and the Afghan government. The process that Trump had agreed upon involved a slow reduction in troops over nearly a year, and a complete withdrawal would only occur if the Taliban held up its end of the agreement during this time.

Although Biden agreed with Trump that removing troops from Afghanistan was the right decision, his method of doing so was far from what Trump had agreed upon. Rather than sticking to removing troops by May, he waited until August 31, but still managed to make several mistakes while rushing to meet the later deadline. Americans were left in Afghanistan and missions were left unfinished.

To make matters worse, it became clear that the Taliban was not sticking to the terms it negotiated with Trump, which likely should have meant that a full withdrawal should have been further delayed.

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