Harris Compares Republicans to “Bloody Sunday” Troopers

Harris Compares Republicans to

(FeaturedNews.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris is under fire for her remarks on February 6 in which she compared Republican senators and state lawmakers to the police who assaulted protesters on the historic Selma, Alabama Bridge in the 1960s. Harris used the location and memories of that day to promote the Freedom to Vote: John Lewis Voting Rights Act, named for a man who famously stood on the bridge on Bloody Sunday.

The VP spent a decent amount of her speech promoting the tenets of the Lewis Bill, which included installing rules that would give unelected federal officials authority over state election officials. Any rule change regarding a national election would have to be approved by these officials. An unelected government official working for the Justice Department answers to the Chief Executive, not the people.

Harris described Republican attempts to secure safe elections as restrictive, deliberate attacks on a person’s right to vote much the way troopers did in 1965. She contends that denying the use of unsecured drop boxes, placing a set of guidelines on a mail-in ballot, or asking someone to show identification to vote all make voting more difficult.

The Democrat voting bill has little to no chance of going anywhere. While the House holds the necessary majority to pass the bill, the Senate still has the 60-vote filibuster requirement. DNC leaders have pressured more centrist senators to eliminate the filibuster rule to no avail.

Was it appropriate for the Vice President to use the anniversary of such a tragic day in history as a way to disperse such divisiveness?

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