Hero Dog Saves Owner From What?

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

Unlikely Hero EMERGES – Life SAVED!

Every dog owner will undoubtedly tell you how much their pets add to their lives. However, what many don’t realize is how much their pet dogs would be willing to help them through almost everything. Dogs are incredibly empathetic when it comes to their family, and they will often do everything they can to comfort family members that are in pain.

Orla, a family’s pet dog, took this to a whole other level though. It all began during Kimberley Bridges’ walk with her Boxer-Staffy mix, Orla. Unexpectedly Orla pulled her leash with such force that she pulled Kimberley down, dragging her.

Understandably, Kimberley was quite upset with her dog exhibiting such behaviors until she saw the security footage captured by her neighbor’s camera. The video clearly shows that right at the moment when Orla pulled her aside, a car swerved on the road while going 70 mph. Had it not been for Orla pulling her owner out of the way, Kimberley would have most likely been hit by the car.

Kimberley noted how lucky they must have been because with that speed it would have been likely that both her dog and she would have been struck. For Kimberley, the incident is still a bit blurry but she does remember hearing a woman scream as the 4×4 hit a vehicle on the road.

Orla who is a recently adopted pup has definitely made her new dog mom proud with this achievement. Kimberley even said that Orla would be getting more treats and belly rubs going forward.


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