Hero Runs Into Gunfight To Save Cop

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – John Lally assisted a Houston cop after getting caught in the middle of a shootout on Saturday on Highway 59.  The incident was caught on camera by Lally himself.

The police reported that Officer J. Gibson had been trying to get a suspect in a stolen vehicle to pull over when the car chase started. However, the suspect refused to pull over or listen to the commands given by the officer who was approaching the vehicle. Rather than listening, the man started to shout and struck Gibson’s leg.

Lally, who pulled over in an attempt to help the drivers that were injured ended up becoming the witness in a much intense scene.

As he recounted for Fox 26, he ended up having to pull the cop by his vest in order to drag him to the safety of his work truck. He proceeded to sit there with Gibson while one of the other officers at the scene applied a tourniquet to Gibson’s leg. Lally continued to sit with Gibson as the chase intensified.

Authorities have stated that the suspect entered and exited a different vehicle and then attempted to get into a second car. The 19-year-old suspect was then repeatedly shot by the five officers at the scene and ended up dying from his injuries at the hospital.

The body cam footage from the incident is going to be released within 30 days according to the police. There is also an investigation that has been launched into the incident.

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