High School Graduate Shocks America With Incredible Achievement

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Tatyana Alves might be only 17 years old, but she has learned how to make a great impression on everyone she meets. Those who know her are well acquainted with her regular “great morning” greetings, her wishes for the day, and her habit to reply “amazing” whenever given the chance.

In fact, this has been noticed by her classmates at The School at Marygrove in Detroit, who voted her “Most Positive.” Alves, a graduating senior of the school, revealed that she just wanted to see everyone else thrive. She added that positivity has been important in helping her find her own purpose, and she thinks that it has allowed her to have a positive impact on others.

In 2019, Alves, along with more than 100 other families of students attending the school, participated in the new Detroit entrance examination school committed to developing critical thinking skills, community, and leadership of the youth. Alves’ main focus was on engineering and social justice.

That decision has turned out to be for the best, as Alves has now managed to receive over 1.7 million in scholarships, which she will be using to attend Eastern Michigan University. Alves noted that because their school was new, it was not very well-known. She added that she is looking forward to her university experience, where she will be majoring in business at her new school.

Alves revealed that she had taken her positive outlook on life from her mother, Acquanetta Windham. Her mother however revealed that she does not consider herself an optimist, but rather a realist. Nevertheless, Alves’ positivity, accompanied by her work ethic and efforts in her community, ultimately paid off for her in the end.

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