Hillary Clinton’s Broadway Play Flops

Photo by Sudan Ouyang on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – “Suffs,” a stage play produced by Hillary Clinton, was shown by the Broadway box office to be on the bottom for the week of May 5 with seats at the theater not filling up. 

“The Broadway League” a Broadway Theatre Industry official site puts out the weekly grosses for the 35 shows that are currently on Broadway, including “Suffs.” The data showed that across the eight performances, the play by Clinton had only managed to reach 81 percent capacity across its eight performances. This put the play among the bottom eight productions in that category.  When ranked with all 35 shows, the play was still at the bottom 23 percent. 

Breitbart News argued regarding the show’s lagging numbers that with it being Broadway’s peak season, with the Tony Awards approaching within the month, the show should still bring in large crowds. 

The Off-Broadway run of the play started in 2022 in “The Public” theater in New York City. It only opened on Broadway last month. The musical was created by singer-songwriter Shaina Taub, and directed by Leigh Silverman. 

The play, which is three hours long, follows the early 1900s women’s suffrage movement. The show’s website notes that Suffs was exploring the failures and victories of the fight for equality, which is not yet over. All of the cast is either female or non-binary according to Playbill.com. 

Last month, Clinton told the Associated Press that she related to all of the characters in the play and she knew how hard it was for them to “make change.” 

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