Hillary Clinton Under New Investigation

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Ohio Republican Rep. and overseer of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan, recently suggested that it is possible for a probe to be launched into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton following special counsel John Durham’s most recent report.

Last week, Durham released his final report following four years of investigations into the FBI’s probe into whether the Trump 2016 presidential campaign had colluded with the FBI. According to the report, the agency did not have enough evidence to justify opening the probe that is also commonly referred to as “Crossfire Hurricane.” Following the release of the report, many Republicans have celebrated the release, which they believe has once and for all found Donald Trump innocent of any wrongdoing.

In an appearance on Fox News, Jordan spoke about whether the committee was considering launching an investigation into the Clinton family regarding the Durham report.

So far, the investigations that Jordan has launched have been mainly focused on President Biden, his administration, and family, however, he did note that he would be willing to look into expanding the investigations into Clinton, who formerly served under President Barack Obama’s and was the Democratic presidential nominee who ran against Trump back in 2016.

Bartiromo, the host of the Fox show, specifically asked whether Jordan wanted to see another report into Bill and Hillary Clinton, adding that Durham noted in the report that there had been no attempts to investigate Hillary Clinton’s claims. Jordan responded by saying that everything was on the table and that it is important for Americans to be aware of how certain agencies could potentially turn on them.

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