Hollywood Actress Trashes Gen Z Americans

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Actress Jodie Foster, in a recent interview with The Guardian, stated that Gen Z people in Hollywood could be “really annoying” to work with. In the interview, Foster noted that she was looking out for young people who were entering the industry but that many of them had a level of entitlement.

As she pointed out, there were even some occasions when Gen Z people had not even taken enough care to make sure that the emails they sent had proper grammar.

Foster’s remarks came after she talked about her friendship with actress Bella Ramsey, who starts in “The Last of Us.” She mentioned it was very important for younger actors and actresses to have mentors in the industry, and she even recalled her own experience as a young actress.

Foster said that she often felt compelled to reach out to young actresses because she knew how hard it was to grow up in the public eye. She also recalled how in her youth she was made to come to terms with her sexuality in the public eye.

Ramsey had revealed to British Vogue earlier this year that she was not 100 percent straight. Foster shared how she had thought Ramsey was going to need someone to lean on, and shared how thankful she had been to have her mom when she was growing up in front of the spotlight. She added that with many young stars, she often wondered how they survived without having their parents around as her own mother had played such an important role in her life.

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