Hollywood Star Accused of Hosting Games With Underage Girls

Hollywood Star Accused of Hosting Games With Underage Girls

UNDERAGE Victims Reported – Hollywood Icon Accused!

(FeaturedNews.com) – Actor and comic Dane Cook announced his engagement on Instagram on August 3 to Kelsi Taylor. While he’s 50 and she’s 23, some comments on his post suggested that the pair may have hooked up when Taylor was underage and attending game night parties at his house. These accusations led writer Tracie Egan Morrissey to look into Cook’s Instagram account for images to back up the claims.

Morrissey discovered various pictures on the comic’s account of get-togethers showing girls as young as 14 years old in attendance. The photos also include attendees who were over the age of 18.

The actor’s account also showed when he first became an Instagram couple with Taylor in April 2017. It also revealed he first began tagging her in posts in 2016, when she was still 17 years old. In an Instagram live event, Cook admitted he met his now-fiancé during a game night.

Journalist Olivia Messer commented on the controversy on Twitter, stating that anyone who has an interest in an underage girl is still wrong, even if they wait to make a move until she turns 18. The writer also questioned why none of the adults at these gatherings raised any issues over their host being so close to a juvenile.

Taylor expressed nothing but joy in statements to People after the proposal. She referred to it as the perfect moment. The 23-year-old said her family loves Cook and will be equally excited.

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