Hollywood Star Calls Chris Pratt’s Kids Spoiled

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Arnold Schwarzenegger, the renowned actor and former governor of California, recently shared some delightful yet revealing family stories during his visit to the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” His anecdotes provided a glimpse into the Schwarzenegger family dynamics, especially his role as a grandfather to his daughter Katherine’s children with Chris Pratt, Lyla, aged three, and one-year-old Eloise.

Schwarzenegger spoke affectionately about the weekly visits from Katherine and Chris to his home, where family time often revolves around interaction with his beloved farm animals. He recounted with a twinkle in his eye how he enjoys placing his granddaughters on the back of a miniature donkey for rides, an activity that fills their time together with laughter and joy. However, Schwarzenegger also touched on a moment that sparked a bit of family humor: when one of the granddaughters expressed a desire to ride a pig, Schwarzenegger had to draw the line, emphasizing that pigs were not for riding.

This anecdote led to a deeper reflection on the nature of spoiling children. Schwarzenegger humorously noted that while his granddaughters were eager to engage with the animals, they were less enthusiastic about participating in the less appealing aspects of animal care, such as shoveling manure. Chris Pratt’s protective response, asserting that the girls were not raised for such tasks, highlighted a gentle familial disagreement on the upbringing and responsibilities of children.

Schwarzenegger, who has previously described his own parenting style as akin to that of a “drill instructor,” shared a poignant story that illustrates the impact of his strict approach on Katherine’s own parenting. He recounted a tale where Katherine used her own childhood experience to teach her daughter Lyla a lesson in responsibility and orderliness. This involved a rather stern reminder about the importance of not leaving shoes strewn around, invoking a memory where Schwarzenegger had burned Katherine’s shoes for similar negligence, a drastic measure that left a lasting impression.

Despite the strictness that occasionally characterized his parenting, Schwarzenegger expressed deep admiration for Katherine’s maternal instincts and capabilities. He lauded her as a fantastic parent, appreciating the full circle of life as he witnessed his children embracing parenthood with grace and competence. Schwarzenegger also shared his joy in seeing his grandchildren interact with the array of animals at his home, noting the special bond they form with creatures like his pet pig, which has become a favorite among the young ones.

The family vignettes Schwarzenegger shared shed light on the blend of discipline, love, and joy that mark his family’s interactions. His stories not only entertain but also reveal the values he cherishes as a father and grandfather: responsibility, respect for all living beings, and the importance of family bonds. These tales from the Schwarzenegger household offer a heartwarming insight into how traditions, lessons, and love are passed down through generations, enriching the family tapestry with every shared experience.

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